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Dog & Litter Bins

Providing designated dog waste bins in areas used regularly for dog walking encourages owners to dispose of their dog’s waste, helping to keep public areas safe and clean for the enjoyment of all, as well as assisting in the correct disposal of the waste. This is because where dog waste is produced in areas governed by Local Authorities and Housing Associations; it is their responsibility to ensure that it is disposed of in accordance with current legislation.

Dog faeces, is classed by the Environment Agency as “Offensive Waste“, and under The Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991, Local Authorities and Housing Associations, among others, have a duty of care to ensure that such waste is segregated and bagged separately from other waste. It must also be disposed of using a registered carrier of controlled waste, holding a current Waste Carrier Licence in accordance with section 2 of the Control of Pollution (Amendment Act) 1989. The waste must then be disposed of in the appropriate disposal stream.

Dog fouling is against the law

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It is against the law to allow your dog to foul the pavement (or other land, which is open to the air in a public place).

Dog's mess is not only anti-social, it can cause blindness in children. Owners who do not clean up after their dog can be prosecuted and fined up to £1,000. The Parish Council provides dog litter bins for the proper disposal of dog waste, and normal street litter bins can also be used to dispose of dog waste.

If you witness anyone not using the dog litter bin, please note down as many details of the event as possible such as:

Collecting dog waste might be a hassle, it might be unpleasant, but dog owners must realise how important it is to collect their dogs droppings. Cases of toxocariasis are on the rise in Britain and with many young children in the parish it is important that people realise the dangers. So please take a bag with you when you walk the dog and keep this parish safe for children.


"Bin it don’t sling it” - think about the consequences of dropping rubbish on the street.

  1. Don’t get yourself in a sticky situation: dropping chewing gum ruins your streets, seats and clothes.
  2. Don’t be a dirtbag: dropping sweet wrappers is a filthy habit.
  3. Dropping food makes you a rat’s best friend: dropping fast food attracts rats, foxes and vermin, bringing disease onto our streets.
  4. Dropping litter (littering) from any vehicle, for example, car, van, lorry, scooter, is an offence where a fine (fixed penalty notice or FPN) can be issued to the person dropping the litter.

    The fine can be issued by the Clean Neighbourhoods Team.

Report it

Anyone caught fly-tipping could find themselves in prison for up to six months, be fined up to £50,000, or both. If you see fly-tipping taking place in your area, please report it.

Page last updated: 25 August, 2021